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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


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Learn Qur’an 

Never Learned How to Read Quran – Click Here

You should go through the famous Noorani Qaida book. Inshallah you will start by learning the Arabic alphabet and then move on to learning vowels and then putting letters together to make words. It’s all very easy, alhamdulillah. The most difficult part (though not really difficult at all) might be learning the Arabic alphabet.


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So, I recommend that you start with the “Read With the Teacher” series covering Juz Alif-Lam-Meem. In this series I cover the whole juz at a very slow pace, pointing out various possible mistakes and confusions. Remember that the “Read With the Teacher” series is part of the Learn Tajweed section so you will be learning all of the rules of tajweed while going through the juz inshallah. 

I know How to Read, but Want to Learn Tajweed and Perfect my Recitation – Click Here

Alhamdulillah so you can ready fairly well, that’s great! I would recommend that you go through the Tajweed section on the site and watch parts of the “Read With the Teacher” series and then start reading the Qur’an by following along with the recitation of Shaykh Khalil Husary Rahimullah, preferably his Mujawwad.


I’ve never Studied Arabic besides How to Read Qur’an – Click Here 

I’ve Studied Arabic But Would Like to Brush Up on Sarf (Morphology) and Nahw (Grammar) – Click Here

I have Learned Nahw and Sarf and Would Like to Apply What I’ve Learned – Click Here (Coming Soon)

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