Quran 101


Arabic Alphabet through the Noorani Qaida

In this section our goal will be learning how to read the Quran online, starting from the Arabic alphabet. When we learn to read Arabic, we need to stay focused and be consistent. If we do a little a day but are consistent, inshallah we will master reading the Quran in Arabic in no time!


Honestly, in my experience, the hardest part of learning how to read the Quran in Arabic is the Arabic alphabet. After the Arabic alphabet is learned, everything else is very easier. Don’t be scared when I say learning Arabic alphabet is the hardest part, it’s not hard, just harder relative to the rest of the material.


The videos will be based off of the famous Noorani Qaida (نوراني قاعدة) book. Having taught this book numerous times before (as a teacher at my local Masjid), inshallah I will try my best to give pointers that I have found beneficial.


Lesson 1 – Introduction to Arabic Letters

Lesson 2 – Arabic Letters in Various Positions

Lesson 3 – Fatha (Short ‘a’ Vowel)

Lesson 4 – Kasrah (Short ‘i’ Vowel)

Lesson 5 – Dhammah (Short ‘u’ Vowel)

Lesson 6 – Double Fatha Vowel

Lesson 7 – Double Kasrah Vowel

Lesson 8 – Double Dhammah Vowel

Lesson 9 – Introduction to Saakin

Lesson 10 – Standing Fatha Vowel

Lesson 11 – Standing Kasrah Vowel

Lesson 12 Standing Dhammah Vowel

Lesson 13 – Empty Alif

Lesson 14 – Wow Saakin

Lesson 15 – Yaa Saakin

Lesson 16 – Introduction to Shaddah

Lesson 17 – Reading Practice

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